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    Are you as excited as we are? Well, all throughout the month of January we have great deals and also a Free giveaway promotion to start this New Years off! "How do I win or what amazing deals do you have for me?", is probably what you have asked yourself, am I right? Take a few minutes to read the details below. Any questions in regards to the information below please contact us for more clarification, thank you in advance.

   Ladies Appreciation Month - this January we have a ongoing sales on womens' merch such as all tops to include t-shirts and hoodies design with women in mind. Browse through the catalog, make your selections, and once your at checkout simply enter discount code Ladies Only, then your savings will appear for you.On behalf of Classic Culture Merch, we do hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us, Happy New Years Ladies!  

MLK Celebration - this month we also pay honors, respect, and show gratitude to perhaps our most influential and charismatic civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The legacy of Dr. King is strong, his deeds were honorable, and his sacrifices were immeasurable to the common man! This year marks the 54th year since he was violently gunned down on that balcony while many people who came waited to hear his inspiring words of hope, peace, and equal prosperity for all Americans alike. In some shape, form, or fashion he should be remembered on everyday of every month. For the month January and February,  we pay homage in respect for his upcoming day of birth, Jan 15th and also Black history. All products created in his honor will be discounted either automatically or by discount codes, please read fine details when viewing merchandise. The 54th Year Anniversary Mug has a huge sale right now, please see product info for discount code.

  Finally, Classic Culture Merch has launched a promotion for a Free Giveaway for the month of January 2022. We wanna help a few people start their new years off on a good note, will you be one of the lucky winners? There's a very good chance and to qualify is quite simple, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter located near the bottom of the homepage. That's right, you don't even have to purchase a thing to qualify just sign up! Here is how it works, at the end of month, on the day of or after January 31st, we will select two and possibly a third new comer to our newsletter who will then be contacted/notified of what their winning merchandise is. Everything in our catalog is on the table so, sign up now, what are you waiting for!