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About Us

About Us

 Ameru Merchants is a small American owned company and brand that features unique custom images on fashionable apparels and also a variety of other trending products to the e-commerce community. Our staff and employees are dedicated and motivated about the opportunity to share our ideas and concepts to you and hope that in some way they inspire, motivated, and spark greatness in your world! Our images and captions are predominately authentic designs with a few exceptions and we make it out prior to give viewers a fresh version of the latter. Project concepts initiatives are inclusive to our social, economic, and political concerns and ideas. We keep it in mind that even though we are one people in the end, we're cognizance of the fact that we are the most culturally diverse demographics in the human society. Team AM supports the economic empowerment, knowledge, spiritual uplifting, mental health, and traditional expressions that are both necessary for our progress and social living. So, we truly hope that your visit with us today is positive and a new relationship has developed, like kinfolks!

Benefits Of Shopping With Us

Perhaps the main principle we stand firm on is sharing new and exciting merchandise with you. Now, while our catalog may not have 1000s of listings like some mega competitors, we have one thing most of them do not have and that is originality so you can bet many of gifts that are available are fresh to the world market so literally you could be the first to experience what we have to share! 

As a company looking forward to building more great relationships, we offer very attractive shopping incentives with more to come in the near future. In many cases shipping will be on merchandise, please play close attention to details at checkout. Another great way you will benefit from shopping with Ameru Merchants is through multiple sale listings we will regularly announce. Bargain sales may come in the form of limited time offers, buy 1 get 1 free, promotional giveaways, and much more. One way to stay current deals is to sign up for the newsletter where you'll will amongst the first to take advantage of opportunities. Second, as a reminder, carefully read read details in the product listing as new savings will appear in announcements there.

We have partnered with a few American companies for supplies and logistic needs so, in return you get a finished product that is both exciting and readily available for your convenience. Our vendors are carefully chosen to ensure that you not only get a pleasing product but more importantly the merchandise itself is of the highest quality on the market!