Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's so special about about your products at Ameru Merchants and what makes it a great place for me to shop?

A: Good question! For starters, we offer original & unique designs that are created here and they can only be found here at our shop. Also, just as advertised, we always have ongoing sales & discount deals, multiple normally, and when compared the final purchase prices are quite often an awesome bargain!

Q: If I receive merchandise that is incorrect or I am not satisfied with items, can I expect your store to support my wishes in either a correct exchange or refund?

A: Yes, most certainly, please review our our private policy page from the tab located at the bottom of the main page. In short, we do proper exchange for items that are incorrectly shipped or perhaps mistakenly ordered by the customer. We thrive to make our customers completely happy and satisfied. In the event that a customer wants to return an item, all within reason & policies, we will fully refund you. One exception, refunds will not include shipping costs for items that damaged outside of our control, please see policy for details.

Q: What about your shipping costs and policies? 

A: Our shipping policy is expressed within the private policies page. All shipping costs and/or options will be available at checkout. There are certain circumstances where free shipping may be available for instance, special sales that announces free shipping or frequently we offer it to purchases of over $50 in US currency. Please read descriptions and notices when purchasing items. If you are unsure, feel free to reach out to customer service where your questions will be answered in a timely manner.